Taking a Break During the Holidays

HI there budgeter and financial reader!

It’s been awhile since I made time to write a word.  I’ve been trying to balance life, but since life balace is a fallacy I have been failing.  I let work take most of my time and school the rest.  I became unhappy and ended up with a B in one of my classes.  I choose to cut my work hours down to 32 even though they still try and schedule me for meetings and other activities.  I love my company and I understand being a manager I have more responsibility, it just something new to me and I need to keep learning.

As of school and learning, I took a break from school for the holiday season.  I ended up with a new addition to my household on Black Friday, so not only was this a good time for me to relax and recharge but it was also a good time to spend with my new puppy.  During this time I have been spending tons of time with the puppy and learning many new things.  I took up learning more about yoga and spirality along with language and writing.

In doing this I allowed myself time to breath while taking a hit to the paycheck.  My budget is acutally a lot happier than it has been, as I have decided to follow it better and stick to it.  No need to overdue anything and go into debt.  Yes, I still want to finish my bachelors and masters degrees, but I still can’t bring myself to taking loans or using credit cards.


Life gets in the Way

Life gets in the way, or maybe I just am overscheduled.  Either way I have been working my butt off.  I go to two different schools, and work full time.  I got promoted to manager after being with my company for less than two months.  I have had meetings, classes, appointments and little to no sleep at times.  I have become overly annoyed at people who complain and just cannot listen to them any longer.  I have become a short-tempered cranky butt, but only to those fellow co-workers who think complaining to everyone, every day, about nothing will get them further in their job.

That was just an inappropriate vent, because I’ve already taken care of most of the situations.  I am still overscheduled, and need to slow down.  After I finish these classes around December I will schedule myself less.  I will still work 40 hours, but will take less classes.  In my brain that means I won’t finish my degree ever, but in reality my Bachelor’s of Business Management will be finished in two years.  I can then choose to continue a nursing degree or Master’s in Business Management.  I don’t see the point of deciding now, as I do not have time to sleep.

As for my finances.  I am still debt free.  I have very few bills, so I pay for school as I go.

In the future I want to:

Finalize my divorce-Long story, not going into it.  It hasn’t cost me a dime, so no need to talk about it on here.

Purchase a used car- I am looking at buying a new/used car.  I need something more reliable since I am in school all of the time.

Take a trip outside of the U.S.-I am booking a vacation to Cancun and would like to take my first vacation outside of the U.S.

Keep going to school-Just go, and figure out the final plans later

Breathe-Just Breathe.  I still have trouble making down time for myself.

Truth be told, this website is going to sit for a little while, while I just hang on and try to keep up with my life.  I will need to update it and completely change it once I slow down.


How I am Saving Money by Buying a Scooter

This crazy feeling had come over me. I was intoxicated by the thought of saving money, or was it the shiny metal? My friend had gotten a motorcycle as a gift from his father. He eventually took classes and found enjoyment with it on weekends. During his escapades I was given amazing pictures of Red Rocks and other beautiful scenery. It made me homesick for Colorado, but also made me wonder how much money I could save if I had a similar vehicle. 

Right now I drive an SUV which is probably one of the worst vehicles to drive when thinking about gas mileage and saving money. I work about 2 miles from my house so right now gas isn’t bad, but if I want to see my mom or go to the gym every day my money starts draining quickly. I figured I would start researching cute little slow scooters to see if there was anything that looked like it would be fun. There should be a saying about not window shopping unless you expect to buy, because I found the perfect one. Something not too fast, that sat upright and it was a steal of a deal. The previous owner was moving so I purchased a 2005 Vespa for $1200. 

I know that spending $1200 doesn’t sound like saving money–yet. The Vespa may have been a good deal, but I still had to take motorcycle classes and put down money for equipment and titling. 

I am in the process of getting my motorcycle license and will be getting the scooter road ready next month. This doesn’t leave me too many non-rainy days left to ride it, but I would ride it in the rain and snow if I could. 

I’m almost done with my motorcycle class in which I already got to ride and brake in the rain. I had more fun while wet than I did while dry. Once I added in higher speeds and cornering I was hooked. Of course I didn’t get to use my Vespa, but I did find a new love of Kawasakis and all things two-wheeled. This may turn into a new hobby and less about saving money but if it makes me smile like it did today after playing in the rain, then I am hooked for all its worth. 

Have you ever bought a vehicle in order to save money?


Working on a new Budget and a new Blog

It has been 6 months since my last post. I stopped writing because I no longer cared about finances. I didn’t want to talk about money as I felt my life was at a standstill. I wanted a better life, a different life, but most importantly I wanted to live life.

I took a medication aide class in order to better my life. Through all the good and bad, this class has done just that. I thought it would increase my finances but instead I’ve taken a lower paying job in order to have a better life. The effect this has had on me is worth its weight in gold. Eventually, I will work on my budget again to reflect the changes, but for now I am trying to focus on the positive health benefits I am seeing.

Although I am now making $2.50 less an hour at my new job, I believe this job has given me a better life.  I no longer come home after work in pain to where any small household task would have been ignored.  I do not wake up in pain.  I do not go to my job in pain every day wondering if I would ever feel good.  I never knew I had so much pain until it completely stopped.  This is all because I no longer have to lift human beings.  Human beings are not made to lift other humans.  There is no correct body mechanics for that.

Have you ever taken a pay cut for a better job?  What was your reasoning?


Fun for Friday: Parts of a paper that never made the final cut

Fun for Friday: Parts of a paper that never made the final cut

When I write I end up all engrossed in whatever it is I am saying.  Usually this comes after a long time or reading and pondering articles and books.  I read, read and read some more until an idea pops in my head and I have to get it out on the computer.  I free write the heck out of it until it’s all down on paper.  I don’t worry about punctuation, or grammar or even which words would be better used.  Instead I just write.  What comes of it is some quite hilarious works at times that thankfully never make the final cut.  Here are a few of those homework assignments I am very thankful didn’t end up in the hands of my instructors:

This was for a forecasting weather paper, after confirming I was still surrounded by bodies of water:

“That’s why it’s so damn wet here, but hey I already knew that.”

This was after finding out my water wasted by a leaky faucet was $0.99 per year:

“In all fairness water is cheap and also free in the area I live in, so this is all relative.  It is way more impressive or in this case, unimpressive to say I am losing 548 gallons per year for the leaky faucet or 1,277.50 gallons of water by taking a regular shower versus a military shower.”

This was writing about something that was considered general truth, but was false:

“Columbus day shall not be celebrated, or if it shall, let it be of something more important than of an Italian who accidently discovered the Americas.  Let it be of the indigenous people of the land surviving long enough to kick the Englishman’s ass.”

Writing about if there is intelligent life in the Milky Way Galaxy:

“That somewhere along the evolutionary chain humans won the mutation to become intelligent beings.  I’m thinking some humans lost their publisher’s clearinghouse notice in the mail.”

I’m very glad I to have a wonderful proofreader as I allow my brain to explode onto the paper without any idea of what might happen afterwards.